The 911 Prayer

What does it mean to be constant in Prayer.

Rom 12:12, Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; constant in prayer;

The word “constant” here doesn’t mean that every minute you are praying. It means persist in prayer. Persevere in it. Stay at it. Be devoted to it. Don’t give up or slack off. Be habitual.

It’s the opposite of random, occasional or sporadic. In other words, Paul is calling all Christians to make prayer a regular, habitual, recurring, disciplined part of your life.

We are constant at eating and sleeping, but it doesn’t mean that we are doing those things at every minute. So we treat prayer the same way you. Don’t be hit and miss about it. Don’t assume it will fill in the cracks of other things. Dealing with God in prayer deserves more than treating him as a 911.

He is, of course, available any time. And he loves to help any time. But he is dishonored when we do not make time in our day to give him focused attention.

All relationships suffer without regular focused attention. God is calling all of us to a life or regular, planned meetings with God in prayer in which we praise him for who he is, and thank for what he has done, and ask him for help, and plead the cause of those we love, including the peoples in our world.


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