What to Expect
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Whether you are new to church or not, expect to experience the most non- threatening, engaging, and interactive service. Our services are comprised of singing songs of worship, short messages, and an interactive session that facilitates growth, connection, and practical wisdom to live out the message.

Wondering how to dress? How about, come just as you are?  You’ll see some in their Sunday best, and others very comfortable in jeans and t-shirts.    

What about your kids? We do have Children’s Church for kids 10 years of age and younger.  One of our ushers will be glad to lead you to where they meet.  Rest assured, your little ones will be taken care of and taught fun, action-packed, Bible stories.

Our teenagers are currently encouraged to be part of our adult service. Our goal is to raise young men and women that will take a stand for Christ, and go on to fulfill their destinies, without giving in to the peer-pressures they may face as today’s youth.

We are encouraged every Sunday to go beat what beats us, through the inspiring Word of God.