We live in a world where proclaiming to be a Christian is met with disdain. Why do you think that is? Well let’s start with the reasons behind it? We are told that Christians or “religious people” as some put it; are hypocritical, judgemental, fake, along with a few other things we’ve heard. They question things such as; If she or he’s a Christian, then why does she or he speak to his or her spouse like that!? Why are they so judgemental!? Isn’t gossiping bad!? You get the idea. These are very valid questions! As people of faith I feel the important question we need to ask ourselves is; Am I Christian or am I a Disciple?
What’s the difference?
Does it really matter? There is a difference and it matters greatly!
We need to live a life that glorifies God in everything we do! A life and walk that when people see us, hear us, get to know us that they see HIM; and start to understand the importance of having and needing a relationship with God. 
You see the definition of a Christian as relating or professing Christianity or its teachings. A Disciple on the other hand is someone who believes in Jesus and seeks to follow him in their daily life. Do you recognize the difference? One proclaims while the other seeks; which is the attempt or desire to obtain, achieve, and to follow HIS ways! Proclaiming is nice, but it is more important to LIVE IT!!!
How do we do this? It starts with committing to a true relationship with God.
You know when a relationship is new? We go out of our way to spend quality time with someone. We thirst to learn more about them and count the seconds until we get to be in their presence again? So we fall in love so deeply that we hunger to spend every day with them for the rest of our lives. Then something happens. We hit a fork in the road. We either stay in the relationship for years loving that person but aren’t 100% ready to commit our lives fully. So we have one foot in the door while the other is still out there with the what ifs; or we choose to fully commit our lives to them with the promise to be faithful, and honorable to them in all we do. In sickness, and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in all the days of our lives. That’s an example of what being a Christian vs a Disciple looks like.
Some Christians still have one foot in while the other is out feeling like they will miss out if they aren’t a part of certain worldly things; while a Disciple is all in and fully committed sacrificing all worldly desires to live the life God has designed for us. You see God longs to be romanced, sought after, longed for, and committed to just as badly as we do! But how do we keep these vows especially when things are difficult? We keep them by living with INTENTION!
We need to be intentional with our relationship with God. We need to be intentional in spending quality time with God and dig in HIS word. To be determined to discover our strengths, and our gifts. To find what we are passionate about. To intentionally discover these so that we may allow God to move and use us to bless others and bring glory to HIS name.
Be intentional with your circle. Choose people who truly have your best interest. People who sharpen you; not enable you. People that pray with and for you and your walk even without having to ask. Yet when you do ask, are readily available to do so no matter the day or time. Are you starting to understand what I’m trying to convey? 
I no longer want to profess that I am a Christian; who might excuse my failures, or say that I am a woman of faith but behaves in a way that doesn’t align with what I proclaim to be. I don’t want to be someone that has only one foot in or have anyone questioning my walk, God, HIS validity, his existence, or anything about HIM. I want to be a Disciple; HIS Disciple! I want to glorify HIM in all that I do. I want to live with intention!
By Kika P