Our Vision | To Equip and Empower People to Win in Life. We believe that when you give your life to Jesus, you receive the holy spirit by whom you are destined to win. In other words our church exists to help people beat what beats them. Our Mission | To know Jesus and make Him known. Our Purpose Statement | Exalting God – Empowering Individuals – Establishing the Kingdom.
Our Values | What we stand for.
Christ Centered.
We seek to honor, magnify and glorify Jesus Christ in all we do. It’s all about Jesus. We believe we are created by Him and FOR Him. We believe the pursuit of full devotion to Christ and His cause is the lifeblood of every believer.
Grace Oriented.
We extend the same grace we have been given by God. We will pray for you, love you, and teach and instruct you in the ways of Kingdom living. We’ll support you on your Christ-centered journey, toward a life full of peace and His presence. 
Kingdom Driven.
Our highest order of business is to make Jesus known to our world. We believe in partnering with God to build His church.
Biblically Based.
We believe the Bible – The Word of God – is the final authority in our lives, and drives all our choices and the way we “do life”.
Spiritual Vitality.
We believe in a culture of prayer, where we allow the Holy Spirit to inspire, empower, and lead us to exalt and glorify Jesus. Through prayer, we allow God to work through us with supernatural intervention in our lives.  We believe in being spiritual, without over-spiritualism.
Culturally Relevant.
We believe in seeking for answers from God’s Word for the questions our culture is asking.  We believe in sharing God’s truth, in love, to combat the deception and errors that our culture has settled into. We believe in using the means of communication that our culture understands, yet remaining doctrinally pure. We are willing to be innovative and take calculated risks, all the while promoting Christ in an excellent manner.
Outside Focused.
We strive to connect with Christ’s passion for the souls of men and women, using every event as a means to cast our nets to point all to Christ. God’s passion is for the unbelievers to know Him – and that passion consumes our church, as well.
We believe in developing our church like the community mentioned in the Book of Acts (Chapter 2) – where believers create supportive networks that provide mentorship and accountability.  We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life.  We believe in clear lines of authority, and leadership development of all those called by God to lead.
Winning in life (“Beating What Beats You”) explained:
  •  When destructive and self-sabotaging habits and attitudes that create personal, relational and financial havoc are broken – new, healthy, Godly habits can then be established.
  • When strife-filled and unhealthy marriages become Christ centered; Where peace, and harmony, and friendship in a marriage is obvious.
  • When a man becomes a man of God, full of wisdom, vision-driven, Christ-centered, self-controlled, and is able to lead his family and community.
  • When the physically or emotionally sick get healed, and are able to walk out of depression, anxiety, panics attacks, and addictions.
  • When young men and women gain a sense of purpose and direction for their lives, and start living a life that honors God.
  • When our children are inspired to love and follow Jesus, not out of obligation or parents’ imposing their beliefs on them, but rather are inspired by their examples and the fruit in their lives.
  • When a mediocre, struggling Christian becomes solid and sold out to Christ and His will being done in their life, is the driving force behind all his/her decisions.

Our Purpose Expounded.  Exalting God. (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit) through:

  • Cultivating intimate worship.
  • Maintaining a culture of prayer, showing our dependency on God.
  • Worship through an obedience lifestyle.

 Empowering Individuals through preaching, teaching and modeling:

  • That faithfully expounds the Word of God in all simplicity and clarity.
  • That delivers a biblical, practical approach to daily living.
  • That is Spirit inspired and empowered, and Jesus-centric.

 Establishing the Kingdom:

  • Creating an environment of love and truth, with acceptance.
  • Ministering victory to the whole person – spirit, soul and body.
  • Fulfilling the calling of being the light and salt of our world.
  • Reaching the community through practical, sensitive, and compassionate means.
  • Creating and facilitating supportive relationships between individual groups, where mentorship and accountability is enhanced.
Our Culture is Christ-centered, grace oriented and kingdom driven!