What are we missing about church?

Let’s talk about the word “Ekklesia” as referenced in Matthew 16:18, where Jesus says, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
The greek word used here is “Ekklesia~ An assembly a gathering, a movement. A group of people who are committed to a specific movement or mission.”
When we envision church today, we picture showing up to a building with the gathering of believers ready to sit and listen to the word by a pastor, preacher, minister … Etc, say a few hellos then make our way home. But that does not align with Jesus’ purpose or his vision.
Christians today are believers, yes; but that’s as far as it goes they just believe which is deceiving. Disciples, on the other hand, do what Jesus says!
Jesus wanted us to pray and commit to one another, his mission, his vision in HIS name. Just as we are committed to our biological family we are called to commit to our Spiritual family just as much. Church wasn’t something to just show up to, listen, then leave. Church was not meant to be treated as a task to be checked off.
The strength of the Christian Community was not to be measured by a numerical standard but by its commitment to one another. We were meant to be a movement devoting ourselves to teaching one another in the word of God, sharpening each other, committed to fellowship with one another, share meals together, and to pray together.
Let’s do just that. Let’s make it a point to be in community with one another. To come together, break bread, sharpen one another, pray together, and become a movement.
Let’s do what Jesus says and bring his mission back to life!
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Kika Grant.

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